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SugarSync Syncing Problem and Solution

sugarsync-icon I have been using SugarSync for almost a year now and have synced up to 6 different computers (or instances of computers) at a time. These computers varied between Macs and PCs. Currently I am only syncing between an iMac and a MacBook.

The Problem

About a month ago I setup SugarSync to sync a new folder which was the wp-content folder from a WordPress install on a Xampp web server installation. Installed Xampp and WordPress separately on each computer and then set SugarSync to sync the folder with the iMac being the first computer that was added to the sync.

Unfortunately from day one I could not get the two to sync. The MacBook would always get stuck with 242 files needing to be uploaded. These files were files that I had added on the MacBook but did not exist on the iMac. I entered an issue with SugarSync support but after a week and a half of going back and forth with them the issue was still not resolved.

dropbox-logo Defeated I considered trying to figure out how to get Dropbox to do the same thing for my but it does not have native folder sharing built into it. There is a hack to get it to do that but it is a hack. The other reason that I was holding out for a solution to my SugarSync issue is cost. Right now I pay $2.50/month (which is pennies) for 10GB of sync space. I currently only use 5GB of it. If I went with Dropbox I would have to pay $10/month for 50GB and I did not need that much space.

Today I was about to go to Starbucks to do some work and had some files on my iMac that I wanted to make sure were on my MacBook. The MacBook still had the pending 242 files to upload so I used Dropbox to share the files in question. Desperate to know why SugarSync was not working I decided to look into it again.

Possible Solution

sugarsync-permissions   The first thing that I did was to look at the files that were pending upload. They were all files in the wp-content folder, everything else in my My Doc’s folder was fine. I checked the permissions of the wp-content folder on both the MacBook and the iMac. There was a difference between the two. The MacBook had read/write permissions for me and for everyone while the iMac only had read permissions for everyone. I thought this might be the issue so I changed the permissions on the iMac to everyone as well.

I closed and restarted SugarSync but those files still did not upload.

Actual Solution

With the above attempt not yielding any results I then decided to try to start from scratch with the rebel folder. I looked closer at the files in the wp-content folder and determined that it was only a couple of folders with files in them that was having trouble. I manually copied the folders and files in question out of the directory and onto my desktop. After that I deleted the entire themes folder.

sugarsync-manager-mac From there I moved the themes folder out of the wp-content folder on the iMac and let SugarSync sync the changes on both the MacBook and the iMac. After that was done I went to the SugarSync Manager and right clicked the deleted items folder and emptied it. This took a while and afterward SugarSync synced again.

After this last sync was completed both computers showed that they were completely in sync – Success!

The final thing that I did was to drag the themes folder on the iMac back into the wp-content folder. SugarSync immediately started uploading the files and my MacBook started downloading them a few seconds later. After they were done I added the original rebel folders into the wp-content folder on the MacBook and they were synced as well.

Problem solved 🙂 .


SugarSync rocks and I feel bad that I had those guys running around in circles trying to figure out my issues. I am not exactly sure what caused the issues but the above did work.

Dropbox is a cool service and I do use it a lot. The difference is though that I manual use Dropbox to share items on my desktop between computers and files with an associate of mine. With SugarSync it is pretty transparent when it is working. I think each has its own place.

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