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Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle – My Hands on Review

The Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Set has now officially been released. You can purchase them directly from Amazon by clicking the link to the right.

What the laser battle set is are 2 of the Air Hogs Havoc Heli’s with infared lasers attached to the front that you can dog fight with. When one Havoc Heli shoots and “hits” the one the engine cuts and the heli spins out of control.

These babies are really fun. How do I know? I have a set! I just got them today and they are really fun. They fly as well if not better then the original Havoc Heli from Air Hogs but have a slightly different body.

Here are some pictures of the heli’s:

Havoc Heli Laser Tag - 5 Havoc Heli Laser Tag - 6

Havoc Heli Laser Tag - 4 Havoc Heli Laser Tag - 7

Here is the packaging the that Laser Tag Set comes in:

Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Tag - Out Side Package Havoc Heli Laser Tag - Inside Package

This Laser Tag set from Air Hogs are going to be all the rage this Christmas so you should get yours while they are still in stock.

You can buy them from Amazon.com and ships FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Get your Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle set today!

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2 Responsesto “Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle – My Hands on Review”

  1. […] guys at Air Hogs made a video of it and I posted it on my other blog. You can see it here – Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle […]

  2. fullhouse says:

    Is that the helicopter use in GO Joe?

  3. The Havoc Heli is an awesome little toy and I enjoy it as well. There has recently been a community formed here: http://www.airhogsforum.com to make it better and help each other with problems.